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Behind The Work Spot

Hello! We are so glad you're here. It's Kara Gallinger and Kaycee Majxner, co-founders of The Work Spot MT and two Montana women who also work at high-growth startups in Montana - LumenAd and MyVillage.

We are thankful for your interest in The Work Spot - a statewide, centralized hub we launched so professionals like us can more easily stay informed on (and connect with) Montana, professionally.

Whether already living in Montana or looking to move here, we know it can be daunting scouring national job boards or irrelevant listings to find few top-notch professional job opportunities - no matter the industry. When it comes to job opportunities posted to The Work Spot, we personally review each one with select screening criteria in mind (e.g. minimum pay requirement, post secondary education or specific certification requirement, benefits beyond paid time off, career advancement, etc.) before approving and publishing it to the website. Each position must pass at least 1-2 select screening criteria before approved and posted. We also look to grow and nurture personal relationships with the employers partnering with us and posting a company profile or their employment opportunities.

Additionally, we want to make it easier for professionals to learn about all the impressive and diverse companies growing in our state - whether they're currently looking to hire talent or not. So, no matter how big or small, The Work Spot features top Montana companies via free branded company profiles, outlining key benefits offered (including any family-friendly perks). We periodically spotlight companies on the blog, too. Although, due to limited time and our full-time day jobs, we haven't been able to do this as often as we'd like. 

Lastly, in a short and sweet bi-weekly e-newsletter, we also help our fellow Workspotters keep a beat on Montana business and company/industry happenings across the state. We skim and summarize Montana business news and deliver the highlights in our e-newsletter sent directly to your inbox every other week, helping you stay in the know on Montana business - in a matter of minutes.

Though we both are employed at top Montana-based startups (and are also chasing our young kids, too), we continue to remain dedicated to growing this centralized hub together, with our local Montana communities and biggest fans. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and what we're up to over here. Please don't hesitate to contact us any time with comments, questions or to simply say hello (hello @ theworkspotmt dot com).

We would love to hear from you - even if our response might come a day or two later!

Founders of The Work Spot