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Montana Company Spotlight: commonFont in Bozeman

Montana Company Spotlight: commonFont in Bozeman

This is commonFont

Team photo at Medallia Experience 2018 in Long Beach, California

is one of downtown Bozeman’s most exciting places to work, not to mention one of its best kept secrets. Their team of driven, intelligent and passionate professionals is growing quickly, and they’re hiring

Impromptu team photo from The Work Spot MT’s office visit (only half of the team is pictured)

Launched in late 2013 by co-founders Abby Schlatter and Matt Fulton, commonFont is running full-speed ahead with a team of 14 and plans to grow to more than 20+ in the next six months. commonFont uses Medallia and other software platforms to help enterprise clients capture, manage, and act on customer feedback data to improve the customer experience. Their client list includes Fortune 500 companies and several of the world’s most admired brands.

Co-founders Abby and Matt are originally from central Illinois and Atlanta respectively, and have spent much of the previous ten years in California, but they had a vision to move to Montana and put down roots in the booming mountain town of Bozeman. With Boulder, Colorado, also on the consideration list for where to start their company, they chose Bozeman over Boulder (and Silicon Valley) after tallying up community attributes of the town in which they wanted to work and live. Both have deep leadership, operational, and technical backgrounds, and they knew that they could build a company that wins by making technology high impact and by providing an exceptional customer experience.

But, what does that have to do with “font?” After a trip to Italy where the founding duo visited the communal fountains in Rome, they were inspired to name the company “commonFont” (font is the latin root of fountain) to represent an entity that enriches the entire community that it serves. No doubt about it, commonFont lives up to its name. The team believes in benefitting everyone the company touches - its employees, clients, and community - all while constantly learning and growing, much like a fountain that is continually flowing.

So what’s the secret sauce? While the beer on tap, snacks in the kitchen, and company happy hours are certainly a plus, there is much more to what makes this group succeed.