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Butte's Montana Precision Products continues to grow and add Montana jobs, Montana & Idaho Community Development Corp is now MoFi, Give Big Gallatin Valley passes $1 million goal to help local nonprofits, Sweet Peaks Ice Cream shares its story and more

Butte-based Montana Precision Products continues vision for growth with $210,800 trust fund grant

Butte-based Montana Precision Products is creating new Montana jobs in part thanks to a grant of up to $210,800 from the state’s Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund program. With the grant funds, the manufacturer plans to purchase and update equipment and create 31 new positions. The manufacturing company has experienced impressive growth since it was founded in 2012. It started as a 50-50 joint venture between General Electric and Butte’s SeaCast Inc. and had around 60 employees. And as of today, the company has 168 employees and is still growing and hiring. What’s more, company officials say, is that the Montana manufacturer plans to grow by 30 percent from 2018 to 2019 and another 10 percent the year after that. According to Jeanne Nelson Kruse, head of human resources at Montana Precision Products, “From a people standpoint, we want to be the employer of choice as we’re continuing to grow, making sure that we are continuing to provide good, stable jobs at a good wage with good benefits.” [Montana Standard]



Montana & Idaho Community Development Corporation is now MoFi

Missoula-headquartered Montana & Idaho Community Development Corporation has changed its name to MoFi, a name that better represents its expanding geographic footprint and product line. Company President Dave Glaser said the decision comes after recent expansions into Wyoming, Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon. MoFi (currently hiring a Client Accounting Manager in Missoula) provides financing and consulting services to businesses and communities that are just outside the financial mainstream, with solutions including business lending and tax credit financing for businesses, nonprofits and real estate developments. In 2017, MoFi provided more than $11 million in small-business financing - and roughly half of those were startup businesses. It has also helped catalyze multiple projects using New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC), a program of the U.S. Treasury that is designed to incentivize investment and economic development in regions that need it most. Since 2012, MoFi has supported 34 NMTC projects totaling nearly $500 million. [Wyoming Business Report]