Headwaters Academy, Inc

Headwaters Academy (HWA) is an independent middle school in Bozeman, MT, that focuses on developing students who possess great independence, strong self-advocacy, good decision-making skills, and a solid set of personal values. We care as much about who our children are becoming as what they are learning. Founded in 1990, Headwaters Academy is Bozeman's only independent middle school. Our mission is to build confident, capable learners and leaders for a changing world.

With approximately 90 students spanning grades 6-8, the school provides an academically rigorous and project-based curriculum. We entrust students with the freedom to explore and share their thoughts in an environment based on mutual respect. HWA works to foster a school culture in which adolescents feel invested in their school community, feel seen and appreciated, and feel comfortable being their full selves at school.

Headwaters Academy offers its students unique educational experiences with our Outdoor Education program and Field Study Trips. Students experience a rich variety of challenging learning opportunities.

Located in the heart of Bozeman, our new campus and classroom building provide students and faculty with spacious classrooms and state of the art technology. Campus grounds offer wide open space for active middle school students.