Fullstack Software Engineer

$65,000 - $85,000 yearly
  • Triple Tree
  • Bozeman, MT, USA
  • Jan 14, 2019
Full time Engineering Information Technology QA-Quality Control Strategy-Planning

Job Description

Who We Are:
Triple Tree is a custom software engineering studio accelerating high growth education technology startups ($2M + in funding) through our embedded teams. At Triple Tree, we work with exceptional founders and teams across the United States, building relationships with investors, C-level employees, and subject matter experts in edtech, to build and launch companies and software products.

Triple Tree works in small teams (front-end and backend engineers, product designer, and product manager) and reports directly to client CEOs and CTOs. Triple Tree operates in fast paced and agile environments to continuously validate new markets and feature sets. At Triple Tree, you will be the key driver of technology progress for our clients, direct and manage others, and be a stakeholder of a product’s vision and its success.

Triple Tree was founded based on a passion for entrepreneurship - launching new companies fast, learning from our mistakes and improving processes, working with new people with diverse skill sets everyday, and constantly increasing our value as an interdisciplinary product team, and as leading software professionals.

Voted a “2018 Montana Startup to Watch” by Montana’s High Tech Business Alliance

As a full stack developer at Triple Tree, you'll be leading application development efforts to launch and scale end-user applications for our clients. You will collaborate heavily with UI and UX teams to specify frontend requirements, as well as content teams to define data structure and implementation strategies for structuring and delivering application content. You will work with product stakeholders to communicate technical progress and translate business objectives into technical roadmaps.

You will require heavy attention to development prioritization with regards to time and resource constraints. You must work with customer and internal feedback to adapt and adhere to baseline product needs, along with providing technical advisement and pushback to maintain software stability and ensure on time delivery.


  • 4+ years building web and / or mobile user interfaces
  • 4+ years developing in Java and / or Javascript
  • 2+ years building APIs servicing user interfaces
  • 2+ years experience as a decision maker for deployments and assessing application stability

In the code:

  • Experience developing and deploying React and / or React Native applications experiencing moderate - high usage
  • Developing with Redux for state management
  • Managing dependencies via yarn or npm
  • Using RESTful API services to populate application state with JSON data
  • Writing unit tests with Jest, Enzyme or another commonly used React test framework


  • Experience with object oriented programming
  • Developing RESTful APIs within Node and / or Java frameworks
  • Developing with relational databases using a database wrapper
  • Writing unit tests using industry standard Node and / or Java testing frameworks
  • Integrating with 3rd party REST APIs


  • Validating individual component stability with unit tests
  • Validating full application stability with automated end to end testing frameworks
  • Assessing frontend and backend stability under heavy application usage

In practice:
Project / source-code management tools:

  • Github
  • JIRA
  • Confluence
  • Slack

Things you'll do:

  • Translate business needs into frontend and backend requirements such as component architecture diagrams, data models, endpoint maps
  • Create development plans and elaborate them to non-technical counterparts to revise based on key business feedback
  • Collaborate with external developers to understand existing technologies and help plan future application needs
  • Work with UI and UX teams to define frontend layout and interactions
  • Prototype and assess libraries and software tools for new application features
  • Turn manual processes into well documented software tools
  • Plan and manage weekly sprints and retrospectives

 Nice to have:

  • Experience with Google Firebase tools
  • Experience with Twilio Chat and Verify tools
  • Experience deploying web applications on AWS
  • Experience deploying mobile applications in the Google Play and / or iOS App Store
  • Experience working with LMS REST APIs
  • Experience configuring and monitoring CI / CD applications  

Current Clients:

NextStep is a mobile learning and job placement platform connecting workers who have been displaced (or are looking for a better career) with high demand jobs in healthcare. On NextStep, job seekers easily discover and prepare for new careers with very low upfront cost and a job guarantee, while employers find and hire workers certified for skill and culture fit through scientifically based assessments to prepare them for on-the-job success.

NextStep is funded by JAZZ Ventures, Pioneer Square Labs, and Montana Frontier Angels.

The COMMIT Foundation
The COMMIT foundation connects servicemembers and veterans to a career and professional network encouraging them to expand their aperture and translate their cultivated professional skills to a meaningful career in the civilian sector. The COMMIT Foundation programs uniquely expose servicemembers and veterans to opportunities they may never seek out due to a lack of information or confidence. Many veterans may lack, or be unfamiliar with, a network of which may never have been obtained on their own or within time constraints. The COMMIT Foundation has previously provided all programming in physical workshops, and is now scaling their programming and transition services via a custom learning and transition software ecosystem.

The COMMIT Foundation is funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Goldman Sachs, PWC, amongst others. 

What we believe in:

Everyone on our team is a leader, decision-maker, and expert at what they do. We take accountability for our domain, and expect the same from our clients.

We fight for our clients vision, and absolutely love the process every step of the way. 

We are honest with each other and pride ourselves in delivering exceptional communication and organization throughout all of our work.

We strive to be the best at everything we do. We set incredibly high standards because it’s in our DNA.

We are always researching, learning, and prototyping new technologies. We deviate from the antiquated and question the traditional.