Bioinformatics Scientist

  • AxleInformatics
  • Hamilton, MT, U.S.
  • Jul 26, 2019
Full time Biotech Government Science Strategy-Planning

Job Description

Axle Informatics is a bioinformatics and information technology company that offers innovative computer services, informatics, and enterprise solutions to research centers and healthcare organizations around the globe. With experts in software engineering, bioinformatics, and program management, we focus on developing and applying technology tools and techniques to empower decision-making and accelerate the discovery in translational research. We work with some of the top research organizations and facilities in the country including multiple institutes at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

To provide subject-specific research expertise and undertake specific biomedical research work as directed by lead Principal Investigator (PI) or project lead to achieve the goals set forth in the project or protocol.

Responsibilities and Duties

NIH Genomics enables intramural investigators to use state-of-the-art applications in microarray and sequencing technologies in their research programs. Staff would provide expertise, instrumentation, and analysis and interpretation of data.

  • Next-generation DNA/RNA sequencing
  • High-throughput TaqMan (Q-RtPCR) analysis
  • High-throughput Capillary/Sanger DNA sequencing
  • Human and pathogen genotyping
  • Advanced bioinformatics and biostatistics (experiment design, data management, statistical analysis, exploratory analysis, data mining, and database integration) for all of the above
  • Experience with instrumentation such as;
    • Illumina MiSeq
    • Illumina NextSeq 550
    • PacBio Sequel
    • Applied Biosystems 7900HT
    • Applied Biosystems QuantStudio
    • Applied Biosystems 3730XL


  • PhD degree in genomics or related field
  • At least years or more of demonstrated relevant experience.


  • Demonstrated significant depth and breadth of subject level expertise.
  • Demonstrated awareness of latest developments in the project specialty areas.
  • Demonstrated potential to publish in high quality, peer reviewed articles.


  • Ability to conduct research work and to disseminate results.
  • Ability to organize and prioritize assigned workload.
  • Ability to write research reports and to effectively disseminate outcomes.
  • Excellent oral, interpersonal and written communication skills. 


  • Innovative provider of creative solutions.
  • Enthusiastic, self-motivated and self-supervising team member.
  • Organizational ability to plan and deliver work to meet required deadlines.
  • Resilience in working to achieve team objectives and to overcome obstacles.
  • Demonstrated ability to be an effective team member.