Product Marketing Manager

  • Special Project
  • Bozeman, Montana, USA
  • Dec 14, 2020
Full time Design Management Marketing Media-Journalism Research

Job Description

Position: Product Marketing Manager 

Date: 12/14/2020

Location: Bozeman, MT

Posted by: Special Project, Inc

The Product Marketing Manager plays a critical role in the life cycle of creators and subscribers on Special. This position is a leader across marketing, customer success, and product teams and is responsible for the creator onboarding funnel from account creation to channel monetization, including subscriber onboarding and engagement. This individual will ensure that product roadmaps include key features and updates that improve creator and subscriber growth and retention, marketing messaging and materials are highly relevant to target personas, and sales and marketing driven user traffic converts to experience pleasurable and seamless onboarding experiences. 

The Product Marketing Manager is both a highly analytical and creative individual that uses both quantitative and qualitative data to report, monitor, and direct improvements based on funnel performance and 1:1 customer interaction. This individual is a great communicator and obsesses over speaking with and learning from our customers. This individual is also highly creative with marketing messaging and has an eye for design, while also technical in nature configuring marketing automation tools, CRM, and website CMS. 

Core Responsibilities & Job Duties  

  • Conduct industry research across TVOD, SVOD, indie film, YouTube, online courses, and other video creator markets to understand, identify, and promote trends and opportunities within the competitive landscape. 
  • Conduct user research across both creators and subscribers to inform target personas, content verticals, and opportunities for product and marketing improvement. 
  • Be proficient in HubSpot or other CRM to properly use and configure structure for creator management, marketing, outreach, support, scoring, and creator enablement. 
  • Establish process for prioritized creator outreach and support to ensure focus on high engagement creators that are most capable of achieving success on Special. 
  • Develop creator outreach strategies via email, chat, zoom, or equivalent communication tools to answer questions, consult subscriber and content strategies, and promote progress and feature sets for creator success. 
  • Properly communicate Special’s vision, mission, and value to target creators across diverse use cases and business goals in a professional and actionable manner.
  • Document creator profiles, personas, and content vertical specific use cases to create playbook for content, pricing, and growth strategies for creators. 
  • Work toward greater automation of our current onboarding processes alongside Product and Marketing to improve internal and external tools for an in-product onboarding experience.
  • Report weekly on creator funnel from accounts created, channels created, channels published, and channels monetized, and provide recommendations for improvements to onboarding funnel and post launch subscriber growth. 
  • Use quantitative and qualitative data to become knowledgeable about our users, their habits, and their needs to minimize creator onboarding time and costs from account created to first subscriber, and to maximize creator success to 100 subscribers and beyond. 
  • Own Special’s “Staff Picks” and marketplace by developing a diverse set of creators that best represent Special’s core value proposition and subscriber demand.
  • Create marketing strategies to help promote and maximize “Staff Picks” exposure and conversion of new subscribers. 
  • Serve as the internal investigator to interview users, crafting insight into actionable support material, including blog posts, helpdesk articles and tutorials, marketing and sales collateral. 
  • Write 2 blog articles per month focused on product optimizations and opportunities for creators monetizing content on Special. 
  • Assist in developing messaging and positioning for key creator personas.
  • Write advertising copy and creative based on persona feedback and interviews.
  • Create strategy and process for gathering user generated content from creators to utilize in Special’s social media content calendar further broadcasting creators on Special. 
  • Assist in creating content for social media based on persona feedback and interviews.
  • Assist in creating video marketing material based on persona feedback and interviews.
  • Assist in website copy, design, and landing page development for target personas, and acquisition funnel from marketing and sales traffic into onboarding funnel. 
  • Create strategy for email drip campaigns, automated engagement and re-engagement email loops, and  to acquire and retain creators and subscribers.
  • Write drip and automated email subject lines, copy, and call to actions and report their success. 
  • Guide implementation of in-app notifications and customer feedback surveys such as creator NPS and subscriber experience ratings. 
  • Assist in product feature requirements, design, and development focusing on subscriber growth for creators. 
  • Assist in product testing, debugging, and documenting requirements. 
  • Work collaboratively within product, sales, and marketing teams and report to the Director of Customer Acquisition, Product Owner, and CEO. 

Additional Responsibilities 

  • Drive a culture of thoughtful experimentation and analytical rigor that promotes the use of the latest software tools and techniques in user acquisition, onboarding, and retention. 
  • Create an environment that fosters high quality, metrics-driven experimentation and leads to brand-positive impact.
  • Maintain a strong understanding of changes and opportunities in the SVOD and creator markets. 
  • Pay high attention to detail and produce your absolute best work. 
  • Wear any and all hats that need to be worn to achieve company success.
  • Lead and guide new hires and contractors as needed to meet deadlines. 
  • Work a minimum of 40 hrs/week.


  • Obsession with the customer. 
  • Passion for streaming, youtube, indie film, and video. 
  • Minimum of 5+ years of experience in performance marketing
  • Minimum of 3+ years of experience in Saas product customer onboarding and retention 
  • Minimum of 1+ years of experience with subscription membership models 
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Demonstrated experience in hands on execution of all Core Responsibilities
  • Relentless curiosity and ability to learn leading to deep and expanding domain expertise
  • Ability to balance short-term goals and long-term vision
  • Ability to drive and influence business decisions based on data and metrics

Compensation & Benefits 

Base Annual Salary: Competitive Salary, options available, DOE

Simple IRA Retirement Plan: 3% employer contribution/ match 

Healthcare Plan: Pacific Source Plan 1 or 2 (employer pays total employee cost of plan 1) 

Remote Work: Yes

PTO: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Easter, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and 15 days to use and schedule at will.

Equipment: Macbook Pro, WebCamera, Microphone, etc.